1. Act with all your friends as if they are destined to become your enemies.
  2. In a community of interests, the danger erupts when one of the members becomes too powerful.
  3. When you try to obtain something, let no one notice your interest before you have obtained it.
  4. You have to recognize evil to be able to prevent it.
  5. What you cannot settle peacefully, do not try to settle through war or lawsuits.
  6. It is better to suffer light damage than to advance the cause of someone else in the hope of greater advantages.
  7. It is dangerous to be excessively tough in business.
  8. The center is preferable to the extremes.
  9. You must know everything without saying anything; be affable with everyone without trusting anyone.
  10. Happy are those who stay at an equal distance from all parties.
  11. Never fully trust anyone, and convince yourself that they do not think better of you than of others.
  12. When a party is large, even if you do not belong to this party, do not speak badly about it.
  13. Distrust where your feelings lead you.
  14. Before you offer a gift or throw a party, think through your strategy as if you are going to war.
  15. Do not let a secret approach you any nearer than you would let a prisoner intent on cutting your throat get near your throat.